Educations and educational material.

KemiKONSULT has been involved in university level education for many years and thus we have great pedagogical experience. We have from scratch built up new courses that have been given both at Göteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology. In addition we have also supervised numerous projects, diploma workers and Ph.D. students. Therefore we have acquired a great experience in communicating and explaining technical and scientific facts to laymen, students and researchers.

Tailored educations:
A full education, or maybe just an an information meeting, that is specifically adapted for your personnel or your customers. Our starting point is the message that you want to send and the knowledge base of the audience. From this we will taylor an education that meet your needs. The education is accompanied by handouts and is given by experienced lecturers.

Educational material:
The handouts accompanying the lectures is not a self-instructional material, but needless to say we can also help you with self-instructional material if you need it.

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